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Month: May, 2013

Rik Mayall to play dad of Inbetweeners star Greg Davies in new Channel 4 sitcom

By Jack Seale, www.radiotimes.com 28th May 2013

Davies will appear alongside his comedy godfather in teacher-com Man Down, which he has also written

It’s impossible to watch Greg Davies without thinking of Rik Mayall: Davies’ bulging eyes, dancing nostrils and menacing air all owe a debt to the star of Bottom and The Young Ones.

Greg Davies looks like Rik Mayall. Greg Davies sounds like Rik Mayall. So who could play Greg Davies’ dad in a sitcom? How about Rik Mayall?

Mayall – who, admittedly, is only 10 years older than Davies – has indeed been cast in Man Down, a new Channel 4 series.

Written by Davies and based on his own experiences as a teacher – which he also drew on to play the sadistic Mr Gilbert in The Inbetweeners – Man Down is about an educator who hates his job. It starts shooting soon, directed by Matt Lipsey (Psychoville).


Rik Mayall to play Greg Davies’ dad

From www.chortle.co.uk 29th May 2013

Young One signs up for C4 sitcom

He’s often described himself as looking like a ‘fat Rik Mayall’… and now comedian Greg Davies will play the Young One’s son in a new Channel 4 sitcom.

Mayall has been cast in Davies’s semi-autobiographical sitcom, Man Down, about a disillusioned teacher and ‘childish idiot trapped in an adult’s life’.

The casting is hardly flattering for Mayall, who at 55 is ten years older than Davies, but he joked: ‘It means I impregnated someone when I was 12, and that’s pretty rock and roll.’

Mayall took part in a pilot episode in November but has now been confirmed for the full series, which is set to start filming soon.