Bottom’s back… and ruder than ever! Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall to reunite for six new episodes

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By Liz thomas for Daily Mail, 23 August 2012

It has been nearly two decades since Richie  Rich and Eddie Hitler last graced our television screens in cult hit, Bottom.

Now 18 years on BBC2 is reuniting Rik Mayall  and Ade Edmondson for a new series of Bottom.

For viewers wondering what ever happened to  the loutish characters the new six-part series will show how their lives turned  out.

It seems Eddie and Richie – now in their  forties – have been shipwrecked on a tropical hell hole dubbed ‘Hooligans  Island’.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘They are still hitting  each other over the head with large metal objects, still chasing women, even  though there are none on the island, and still waiting for that job seekers  allowance cheque as they distil something quite like alcohol, only  worse.’

Bottom was a cult hit for BBC2 in the 1990s  and was famed for its nihilistic humour and violent slapstick.

The pair lived on government benefits in a  grotty Hammersmith bedsit and spent their time attacking each other or consuming  toxic substances.

It ran for three series on TV and spawned a  string of stage shows.

At its peak it was watched by four million  viewers.