Rik Mayall Wears 22-Year-Old Underpants for Luck

by Rik Mayall Interviews And Articles Archive Blog

Annanova.com, 2000

Rik Mayall says the secret of his success is down to a pair of 22-year-old underpants which he wears for every first night.

The former Young Ones and Bottom star has confessed to wearing the same fraying undies for luck in every one of his debut shows since 1978.

He says has another lucky charm in the shape of a silver skull and crossbones ring given him by his 12-year-old son Syd.

Rik “thanks God every day” that he is still alive, but says he won’t be parted from his favourite blue pants, reports the Daily Star.

He has vowed to wear them again next week when he stars in A Family Affair in Bath, his first stage role since he nearly died in a 1998 quad bike accident on his farm near Totnes, Devon.

“I am superstitious, yeah. I noticed years ago that every time I had a belting gig and took my clothes off afterwards to have a shower, I was always wearing the same pants,” he said.