10 Things Not Many People Know About Me.

by Rik Mayall Interviews And Articles Archive Blog

Reveal, 1st-7th October 2005

1. Love ruined my exams
I made a mess of my A-level exams at King’s School, Worcester, because I was in love with Jo Nugent, my teenage sweetheart.

2. I’m the Andrex puppy!
Not many people know I’m the voice of the puppy in the Andrex TV ad. I’m very proud of it. And actress Julia Ford, who plays my wife in the TV series, All About George, does the voice-over for Kleenex Double Velvet Toilet Tissue.

3. I secretly fancy Mary Nightingale
Apart from my wife, I really fancy the newsreader, Mary Nightingale. There is something very dangerous about her eyes. I think she knows a lot more about pleasure than I do.

4. Tommy Cooper was my inspiration
He was one of my great heroes. I loved the way he lit up when an audience was laughing.

5. I like sick things
In one of our Bottom videos, I had this vomit machine, which was fantastic. The sick came up the side of my arm via a tube, so I could pretend the puke was coming down my nose. It was fun!

6. I was a big geek
At the first lecture I went to at Manchester University, I stood up when the professor entered the room, and all the other students laughed. They thought I was square.

7. I kissed Kate Moss
In Blackadder Back & Forth, I played Robin Hood and got to snog Kate Moss, who was Maid Marian. It was her first screen kiss, so I thought we ought to do a few more takes, but I wasn’t allowed!

8. I beat bullies
One day at school, one kid, knowing my surname, yelled ‘Fe-mayall. Hey Fifi.’ I turned round and hit him so hard, he lost two teeth and was taken to hospital. But I didn’t get any more trouble.

9. How I found my vocation
When I was a little boy, I started pulling faces at a school concert, and it made people laugh. I had to stand in the corner for being naughty, but then I took my pants down and got an even bigger laugh. I realised how satisfying it was to get that kind of reaction, so decided to be a comedian.

10. Ladies like to throw pants at me
On every tour of Bottom, I’d have a pants competition with Adrian Edmondson. I used to ask women to throw knickers at me and bricks at him. I was ahead by 163 pairs. Ade only got 70.