Adrian & Rik

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Channel V, 2000

With a new film on the brink of release, Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall (a.k.a Vyvyan and Rick from The Young Ones) came to Oz to spread the good word. They caught up with our main movie man Super, and proceeded to piss fart around the entire time the camera was on them — as would be expected! Read on to find out how Rik was knocked unconscious, vomit and the tandoori special.

[V]: Hi it’s Andrew here and we’ve got a couple of great movies and videos coming out fairly soon. We’ve got ‘Hooligans Island’ which is out on video now and starting July 27 ‘Guest House Paradiso’ and starring two guys you should really recognise from a lot of great television comedy.

Rik Mayall: Are we in shot?

[V]: You’re absolutely in shot.

Rik: Hello, I’m Adrian Edmondson.

Adrian Edmondson: And I’m Ronnie Barker.

[V]: And this is the Two Ronnies!

Rik: We are the two Ronnies. Hello Ronnie!

Adrian: And from me, that’s all from him.

Rik: Right, where’s the cash?!

Adrian: Goodbye.

[V]: Tell us about your first movie ‘Guest House Paradiso’ and I believe you’re the director, it’s your debut as a director?

Adrian: I wrote it, directed it and starred in it. I did a lot of casting and after the 3rd or 4th recall, I finally gave Rik the other part.

Rik: Cause I’d learnt the line.

Adrian: Yeah. And ah… he did quite well, we had to obviously do some special FX filming afterwards to get his lips to move!

[V]: Now tell me, as an actor were you having a tantrum with the director side of your body?

Adrian: I wrestled with myself every night – which wasn’t new for me!

Rik: It was quite an easy job for a director cause everyone thought he was great, they were paid really heavily and any frustration he felt he took it out on me, which is there within the script. I don’t know how it came about, for example, there was the sequence in the kitchen that lasted for 3 days to shoot – almost entirely me being beaten up by him! I had one go at him with a jug in his face which was really good. And I did get a pencil up the arse – which was very good.

[V]: Um… Were there any accidents when you were making this film? I mean I’m sure it’s choreographed, but I mean do you ever like miss and a punch connects?

Adrian: We did this three days filming this fight that he was just talking about and… It all went pretty well and we didn’t hurt each other at all and everything missed and we finished it, so I said “Wrap, that’s great we’ve finished that scene.” And we moved to the next room and he said “Great!”. And he walked off and banged himself right on the end of the crane where they keep all the lead weights and fell unconscious. We thought, “Oh great! Insurance claim, second film!”

Rik: And then I came round.

Adrian: And then he came round.

Rik: I didn’t know where I was. I thought “Oh I’ve been injured” and I looked around and they’re all going “Tch Cor”. Obviously thinking of the more money we would have got – the complete bastards. But he let me off going down the stairs in the little cupboard thing – I don’t want give away too much of the plot you guys cause you’re gonna see it – where it’s on fire I’m inside and it rolls down the stairs.

Adrian: Yeah, we just put your kid in for that didn’t we?

Rik: Yeah, we put Bonnie in I’m cause I’m a little overweight. And of course it’s much better to have your children in a dangerous stunt than yourself. Cause I don’t want to let my fans down.

[V]: Absolutely. Now this being channel [V], I noticed there were a lot of things starting with V in your film, there’s a lot of violence…

Rik: Like that? [Gives the V finger/ up yours]

[V]: Yeah there’s some of that. There’s violence, there’s virgins and…

Rik: Vulva.

[V]: Vulva?! I missed the vulva.

Adrian: No vegetarianism is there?

Rik: No, No.

[V]: Definitely not.

Rik: Just the word vulva, it was in the first script but it was cut.

[V]: Fantastic. Adrian: There were no volcanos.

Rik: No, but there were vomit sequences.

[V]: Lot’s of vomit.

Rik: Eight. No, seven days in the vomit corridor as it was called – we called it the vomitorium. On and on and on. And I got… I love Fenella Fielding…

[V]: Carry On Screaming.

Rik: All of them. And I got to punch her in the face while she was being sick – it was great. Yeah and the kids were good, Simon Pegg was brilliant. Oh what about Vincent? A bit of a heart throb! Depends, you know, whatever sexual orientation you are it’s up to you, but if you’ve seen Vincent Cassel, he is a dog, he’s a dog! Oh – he’s like a rattle snake – once you get to know him. He came over here… Who’s that film star who lives over the boat.

Adrian: Over the boat?

Rik: Tim… Cruise. Tom Cruise

Adrian: Tom Cruise

Rik: Yeah, and his bird. What’s his bird called? Tim Cruise’s bird?

[V]: Nicole.

Rik: Lottie Nicole. Kidman, Kidman. Any way, he was in their film.

[V]: Right Yeah.

Rik: So we’ve got big names in our movie.

[V]: You do have big names. Tell me: the green radioactive vomit, what was it actually made of?

Adrian: We had a man who eventually became known as the vomit technician. Who ah… made lots of difference vomits for us to test. We’ve got some great videos he used to send us these video tapes of tests that were ongoing in this special FX studio. And he say “This is”… And he’d have seven pots of different flavoured yoghurts and sort of vomits that’d he’d mixed together, different consistencies, different splatting techniques, different guns, different stickiness…

Rik: But this little laboratory boy had to do it all for him and do this sort of trick thing. So there’s like endless tapes of this boy going, this poor little lad going “Waaaaaaaaggghh” [mimes vomiting with his hands] and then he’d duck down and pup up. “Or you could try this” and then “Waaaaagggghhhhh” again!!! The poor little lad… And then his favourite one was… Was it Tandoori Yellow?

Adrian: Tandoori Special.

Rik: Tandoori special – they all had different names. Adrian: With flecks of blood in it, it was rather….

Rik: Oh yeah it was magical. Did you see when the big ball of vomit comes out of Vincent’s mouth?

[V]: The one that gets bigger and rolls down the hall?

Rik: I would of thought that would rather excite you.

[V]: Yes, yes. Do you know, I love a vomit in a film and up untill I saw your film, my favourite vomit film used to be Monty Python’s ‘Meaning of Life’.

Adrian: Yeah, Mr Creosote.

Rik: Mr Creosote

[V]: Was the temptation ever there to make a film of The Young Ones were people offering you wads of money back in the eighties to do that?

Adrian: No it was never a thought was it?

Rik: No film wasn’t in that position then.

Adrian: There wasn’t a British film industry then.

Rik: Pretty much, no.

[V]: Right.

Rik: And now it sort of is because I think the video … I think, I dunno… The video stuff that’s going on has given films another life. You got your life in the cinema and the sort of afterlife in the video store.

Adrian: Yeah, well you look at this live tape here: [Holds up copy of ‘Hooligans Island’]. When we did the Young Ones tour we didn’t even film it. We didn’t even put it on video! It’d be worth a bloody fortune now wouldn’t it? It was a great show, the Young Ones show.

Rik: Three hours of complete anarchy. Lost. It’s all over.

[V]: It would have been great. Well guys thanks for coming, Guest House Paradiso is the name of their new film our July 27. Adiran, Rik, nice to meet you.

Rik: Thanks.

Adrian: It’s been great.