I Was a Prat – Actor Rik Mayall Admits to Being a Total Prat Over Imitation Gun Incident

by Rik Mayall Interviews And Articles Archive Blog

For Daily Mirror, 3rd May 1995

ACTOR Rik Mayall admitted yesterday he could have been shot by cops after brandishing an imitation gun at a couple.

Mayall, 37, stepped from a police station with a caution, then said: “I’ve been a total prat.

“I was lucky not to have been shot. I could have been blown away. The police would have just been doing their job.”

Armed police were alerted last month after Mayall, who plays MP Alan B’stard in TV’s The New Statesman, waved the fake pistol at a married couple in Covent Garden. Mayall, who had just finished a performance of the disaster-hit show Cell Mates, was approached by two unarmed cops and told to hand over the gun.

The have since been recommended for a commendation for their bravery. Armed officers were rushing to the scene.

Mayall told of his remorse after getting a warning at Holborn. He said: “I’ve been unbelievably stupid, even by my standards. I would like to thank the police for being so patient and have apologised for wasting their time.”